Best Air Cooler in India 2020 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Air coolers are the best option to beat the summer heat in an effective and affordable way. The scorching summers have begun and humidity makes the heat even more unbearable. Air coolers are evaporative cooling systems that take heat from the surrounding environments thus keeping space cool and making us comfortable. The water tanks in most of them keep the air moist and circulate cooler air. Air coolers are ideal for providing budget-friendly and convenient cooling.

Benefits of Air Coolers over Air Conditioners

Air coolers are highly preferred over air-conditioners because of the number of benefits they offer. Air coolers use the fresh air from outside environment and cool it down whereas an air-conditioner circulates the same internal air over and over again. Air coolers consume over ten times less energy than ACs. They use less electricity and can work smoothly even in low voltage situations. Therefore, using an air cooler can significantly reduce your monthly electricity bills. Air coolers are also cheaper, thus provide convenient and cost-effective cooling. Moreover, coolers require low maintenance and almost no servicing or a mechanic as in case of the ACs. And most importantly air coolers are eco-friendly. They do not emit harmful CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons; thus you can enjoy cooling without harming the environment. Coolers have the advantage of being portable so you can place them anywhere according to your requirements.

Important features of an Air Cooler that you should keep in mind before buying

Selecting the right cooler can be confusing since there are plenty of options in the market. The most popular types are desert air coolers and personal air coolers. Desert coolers, mostly used in dry climatic conditions are suitable for large rooms. They have larger water tanks and fans to deliver air farther. With a capacity of 30-50 litres, they can also be placed outdoors. Personal air coolers are suitable for humid weather conditions and small rooms. They are quieter and consume less power. Although they have small water tanks i.e. 20-30 litres they are capable of cooling for hours. The cooling pads are either Aspen or cellulose/honeycomb types and have a direct impact on the performance. Aspen pads are cheaper, need high maintenance and have a shorter life. Cellulose or honeycomb pads are thicker and have low maintenance and higher life. 

Manufacturers offer sleek and stylish designs so to save space. You can also go for air coolers that can work on inverters. They consume 50 percent less power. For quick settings coolers also come with a remote. You can also check the specifications of the air cooler online to ensure the type or model you want.

Voltas 70L Mega Desert Cooler

This Voltas air cooler offers excellent cooling with its turbofan and is perfect for large rooms and medium-sized halls.



Long service life due to high

quality and durable material.

The product maybe
expensive for some users

Suitable for large spaces

Symphony Siesta Air Cooler

This excellent 70L cooler has specially designed grills and casters to enhance airflow. It can effectively cool 370sq ft of space.



This Symphony air cooler price comes in an affordable range.

No remote control feature

Efficient performance

Non-compact design

Bajaj Air Cooler-70L(DC 2050DLX) 

It comes with excellent cooling capabilities, build quality and dehumidifier. It consumes less water and can cool a large room very quickly. This Bajaj air cooler comes with 1 year warranty.



Silent operation

A bit pricey

Effective cooling and durable material

Kenstar Double Cool DX 50L Air Cooler 

This Kenstar air cooler with 50L capacity can run for 12 hours without a refill. It has 3-speed controls and consumes less energy. 




Does not come with a stand 

Compact size

Durable components ensure trouble-free 


Mini Air Cooler 

These are smaller and make smart use of space. The USB port lets you charge your mobile phone or tablet while enjoying the cool air. 



Inverter compatibility

Not suitable for severe heat conditions

Can be placed anywhere

Usha Striker 100SD1 Air Cooler 

This Usha Air cooler has a tall design for cooling directly at seated level.  It has auto tank fill with 100L capacity and works on inverter.



Low power consumption

Price can be a little high for some users

Efficient cooling

Crompton Ozone 75L Air Cooler 

This Crompton air cooler provides effective cooling for medium-sized halls. The honeycomb design gives faster cooling.



High performance

Non-compact so takes up space


Portable Air Cooler 

Portable air coolers are capable of delivering better cooling in an effective way n also consume lesser energy. They can be easily dragged and are affordable too.




Limited cooling space

Can be easily moved and installed

Ontel Personal Arctic Air Cooler  

This arctic air cooler lets you create your own personal comfort zone. Its easy-fill water tank lasts upto 8 hours.




Limited range of cooling

Built-in LED mood light

Havells Celia 55L Desert Air Cooler 

This product from Havells ensures silent and powerful cooling. Its auto-fill feature eliminates the need to refill it.



Remote control facility

Takes up space

Includes a cord wiring station

Price can be an issue

Silent cooling ideal for bedrooms

Orient Magic Cool CW5002B 50L Air Cooler 

This Orient air cooler can be used effectively in both large and medium-sized rooms. It can also be placed on the terrace or backyard. The auto-fill makes it even more convenient.



Offers good value for money

Not equipped with casters and a stand

Low power consumption

Can be used at multiple locations

How to clean Air cooler at home

For cleaning your cooler, you do not require professional help. This can be easily done at home.

First of all you need to unplug it from the wall socket to avoid any unnecessary shocks. The next step is to open the cooler and remove the water basin and the air filter. Clean the water basin with a mixture of warm water and dish soap. Scrub it clean with the mixture. Now use clean water to rinse off the dirt and soap. Let it dry.

Rinse the air filter with clean water to remove the dust and debris and allow it to dry. Use a damp cloth to clean the exterior portion of your air cooler. After all the components have dried completely, place them back.

Checklist before having an Air Cooler

Type of wiring

Your home may be configured differently, but you should still be able to adapt the basic wiring in your home. Determine first the best location for the switch. Your cooler must include a cord winding station to eliminate messy cords all over the place.

Correct spot for placement

Before buying a cooler you must be clear of the place you want it to put it in. There are different varieties available depending on placement or position like coolers that can be placed in a room or hall, coolers for terraces or backyards, or personal use mini coolers.

Safety measures 

Air coolers are easy to use and install. You should place them safely not anywhere near water.
Do not touch the switch with wet hands and do not try to open the components while plugged.

Fill water in the tank using a pipe through the small gap given.


Air coolers are the best alternative when it comes to energy-efficient and budget-friendly cooling. They are in dire need due to the arriving summers. Some of the best air coolers in India are mentioned above, along with their specifications will help you decide which one you should select.  Also keep in mind the features required, the air cooler price, and then shortlist your model with the help of this article.

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