Top 5 best Oven Toaster Grill OTG in India 2021

 Best Oven Toaster Grill OTG in India 2021

The preparation of food is not an easy task. A mouth watering and delightful food is cooked with moderate temperature, aromatic spices and some love for cooking. An oven toaster grill is your helping buddy. It can grill mouth watering meals with your family members.

An oven toaster grill can do the grilling task just like a griller on the other hand side it works as an oven toaster. So, you got  the two in one advantage. This product offers you the efficiency of various cooking methods you can grill, toast, bake, roast and you can also use it as tandoor. So, you don't need to spend a lot of money in a restaurant because with the help of this magical oven toaster grill you can make delightful and delicious meals at home while taking care of hygiene in this ongoing pandemic season.

Distinguish between OTG and microwave

OTG and microwave both are kitchen helping appliances. Here is a simple difference table of OTG and microwave are given below-





Power efficiency



Cooking time

It prepares food in minutes because it uses microwave heating.

An OTG takes more time because of traditional heating waves.

Pre-heating time

5 minutes.

15 minutes

Quality of baking

Excellent baking quality

Inferior baking

Auto-cook availability

There is auto cook feature

No auto cook feature

Storage capacity

32 litres

60 litres


It is used for reheating, baking, boiling and defrosting

It is used for baking, grilling and toasting.

Heating technique

An electrical switch is needed.

Electrical coil is needed.


Heavy in weight



LCD display which enables easiness for viewing the food items.

Difficult setting and mechanical controls.

Metal vessels

It's not accessible metal utensils. You have to use glass, silicone and plastic utensils.

Metal utensils like aluminium, glass and silicon materials can be used


Popular brands

IFB, LG, kenstar, Morphy Richards, Whirlpool and Electrolux

Usha, Bajaj, Morphy Richards and prestige.


Budget friendly and start from 1500 INR

Expensive; it starts from 9,000

So, this table perfectly clarifies the difference between the two major appliance Microwave and OTG. I hope you will surely know the specifications and factors.

In India there are many popular brands of OTG ( oven toaster grill) are available and they promises for the best features. Sometimes the buyer get confused in making decision for purchasing the perfect OTG according to their choice. Here this post is available for you! This post is focused on the various factors that effects your choice about providing best OTG for you. This post is all about detailed specifications, including pros and cons of each product. This post offers you the best choice about purchasing a good OTG.

Top 5 best Oven Toaster Grill OTG in India 2021

Bajaj Majesty 1603 T 16-Litre Oven Toaster Grill (White)

Bajaj is a very popular OTG manufacturing brand in India. Bajaj is known for providing the best quality features about their appliances. This Bajaj Majesty 1403 T OTG. It enhances user friendly interface. With this OTG you can bake and cook dishes in a less time. So, you can become 'A chef of your own home restaurant'.


1.    This OTG provides good user interface. It comes with smooth control panel.

2.    Its tremendous Stainless steel material is cool in touch.

3.    It offers 1200 watt of power consumption.

4.    It comes with a lot of capacity which is ideal for small family.




Auto shut off feature

High power consumption

1 year warranty

Small in size

Budget friendly

Smart auto connectivity

Prestige Oven Toaster Griller 19 PCR 1380-Watts 

Bring a restaurant in your home! Prestige always brings impressive products that's why prestige is the popular demand of many people. With Prestige oven toaster griller you are able to prepare a mouth-watering and delicious meal for you love ones.


1.    This OTG  offers rotisserie, removable rods and 2 grips

2.    You can set the timer according to the desired temperature.

3.    It care for maintenance that's why it offers enameled baking tray.

4.    Cool handles and stainless steel heaters




Large Glassdoor

 Not for joint family

3 Rotisserie availability


1 year of warranty

Stainless steel heaters

Morphy Richards 52 RCSS 52-Litre Oven Toaster Grill

Morphy Richards is a brand that promises for premium quality appliances, retro look with digitally amazed features!

With the help of Morphy Richards 52 RCSS 52-Litre OTG you can fulfill the wish of your small family members by providing them delicious and lip smacking dishes.



1.    Its Rust free Stainless Steel body material durability.

2.    It comes with a 18 litre of capacity which is enough for two three members.

3.    You can remove the crumb tray

4.    Offers 2 year of warranty




Body easily heated


Stainless Steel body

Bajaj 2200 TMSS 22-Litre OTG

Once again Bajaj bring it's marvelous 2200 TMMSS 22L OTG. This OTG provide efficiency you to cook varieties of baking grilling and toasting dishes in a versatile order. So, you don't need to spend a lot of money in a restaurant. You can prepare your favourite dishes at home in a restaurant style with little penny.



1.    Different element selection options required for each dishes.

2.    It provide great durability because of Stainless Steel material

3.    There is a availability of Motorised Rotisserie

4.    It comes with multiple accessories for cooking



 Motorised Rotisserie


 Ideal for 4 to 5 members

Timer and thermostat

Stainless steel body


AGARO Marvel 19-Litre Oven Toaster Grill

If you are looking for great taste while maintaining a good health then you should AGARO Marvel OTG. AGARO is the best brand for manufacturing best OTG for Indian homes so don't need to look anywhere else. This brands offers great toasting, grilling and baking experience.



1.    It's amazing five stage heating options enables number of advantages

2.    The glass doors are heat resistance.

3.    Stay cool handles for safety.

4.    Comes Motorized Rotisseri for mouth watering dishes.



Auto shut off

Digital errors

Matte finish body

Heat resistant door

Frequently asked questions

1 What can we do with oven toaster grill?

And OTG is not made for only baking purpose but you can toast, grill, reheat the dishes and make pizzas, kababs, roasted chicken and number of dishes with using less oil.

2 Which is better microwave or oven?

If we are talking about the energy efficiency then the microwave wins. You can prepare a complete meal but with OTG you can only do baking grilling and toasting. If we talking about best grilling then OTG wins. Because it comes with Motorised Rotisserie.

3 Is OTG cooking safe for health

If you are health conscious person then OTG is a choice for you because you can grilling the dishes and toasting the dishes in a less oil.


So we have listed top 5 best OTG in India that offers you amazing baking, grilling and toasting experience. Now, you can complete the demands of family members. There is no doubt that OTG brings number of advantages and provides flexibility to make restaurant style dishes at home. I hope that above information may be useful and may help you for purchasing a best OTG for your home.

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