Top 5 best front load washing machine in India 2021

Front load washing machine

In this advanced hi-tech era technology brightens mode of working. Washing clothes is typically a hard working task. A fully automatic washing machine is the need of every household. A front load washing machine is capable of doing various tasks with amazing functions that provide good cleaning for your clothes.  A front load washing machine provides professional cleaning of clothes. So, there is no need for doing heavy work as compared to top load washing machines.

Front load washing machine works in 2 in 1 order. So, you can wash and drain  the clothes in single cyclic order. Front load washing machines come with central wide rubber fins rotating the clothes rapidly and offer great quality of washing varieties of clothes.

Nowadays, In the market front load washing machines become a demand and need of many Indian people. Front load washing machines offer advanced washing experience but apart from this you have to spend a big amount of money because front-load machines are expensive. 

Let's have a look upon advantages and disadvantages of front load washing machine- 


     Front load washing machines require less detergent and water supply as compared to top load washing machines.

     Washing fins gently wash the fabric without causing any harm.

     It's door comes with glass material that enhances your interior.

     They come in a big size which is really made for Indians.


     Loading and unloading activity causes back pain due to frequent up and down moments.

     Front load machine comes in at an extensive price as compared to the top load washing machine.

     Its washing tub requires high class maintenance.

     They are bulky in size so they require more space. Pretty hard to manage for Indian homes.

In the market due to vast varieties of washing machines it is pretty hard to decide- Which washing machine is the best for your home?

You don't need to worry because in this summary you have provided a full loaded comparison, terms, features with advantages and disadvantages that throws the light in your decision making process. So, let's get started.

Top 5 best front load washing machine in India 2021

Bosch WAK24268IN 7-Kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Bosch WAK24268IN 7-Kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine is incredibly best for providing the quality features and amazing washing experience. The best thing about this Bosch washing Machine it does not create much noise while washing the clothes so you can sleep peacefully and concentrate on your work while washing the clothes.


1.    It is a fully automatic front loading washing machine

2.    this comes in affordable price with great washing quality

3.    It is suitable for small families

4.    Easy to operate

5.    This washing machine comes with 2 year of warranty 



Excellent cleaning

Average washing quality

Anti clockwise rinsing function

 Easy to use

Load great number of clothes

IFB Senator Aqua SX 8-Kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing

If you're looking for an automatic machine that generally washes your clothes without causing any harm and offers the best performance and quality. Then you should bring IFB Senator Aqua SX 8-Kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing in your home. Because it minimises the effect of washing clothes and can remove stains an ideal choice for large family members.


1.    It is suitable for large families

2.    Comes with 8 kg of capacity

3.    It has 50 wash program

4.    Best quality performance and water efficient

5.    1400 RMP high spin speed and fast drying time

6.    This washing machine comes with 4 year of warranty



Quick installation

 Drum damage within a month


 Less water consumption

LG 9Kg 5-Star Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – FHT1409ZWS

LG  is a well known brand in India LG  wins millions of hearts and trust of customers in Indian market. LG 9Kg 5-Star Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic offers outstanding performance. It's stainless  steel drum is movable in different directions as well as it's antibacterial. Bring up this LG washing machine in your home and experience the joy of cleaning!


1.    Comes capacity of 9kg

2.    It has 14 basic washing programs

3.    It give ultra clean washing performance

4.    It has steam wash cycle for removing stubborn stain

5.    This washing machine comes with 2 year of warranty



Extra safety option like child lock

  After service is not up to as expected requirements

Best for medium to huge size families


Samsung 8Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Front-loading washing machines – WW80J4243MW/TL

Samsung is the competitor of LG and known for its quality. Samsung up guarding their appliances day by day and occupying name and fame. This 5 kg Samsung washing machine is capable of saving your electricity bill and it does not make much noise while cleaning the clothes so you can focus on work in a peaceful environment. Its inverter technology is made to provide unbeatable performance.


1.    Offers hot water wash facility

2.    It has digital inverter technology

3.    This washing machine comes with 2 year of warranty

4.    It has ecobubble technology

5.    It has 8 kg of capacity



Endearing capacities like ecobubble wash

No hand wash and mild wash modes

Attractive look and great performance

 Budget friendly

LG 8.0Kg 5-Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – FHM1208ZDL

Once again there is another LG 8kg front loading washing machine. This machine comes in elegant design and offers unbeatable performance. It's drum can move in different directions and prevent dirt and bacteria. This machine works in a silent manner without any vibration. LG cares for quality and safety.


1.    It has additional tub clean feature

2.    Comes with 1 kg of capacity

3.    This washing machine comes with 2 year of warranty

4.    It has direct drive inverter technology

5.    It has additional heater facility



 Hot water is a best feature

 There is no steam wash system

 Infant care mode is a first rate option

 Noiseless because of direct drive technology


Ques- What is the problem with front load washers ?

If you use wrong, large amount of detergent and didn't dry the drum after use later on mildew and Mound will grow in the washer and cause problem

Ques- What is the difference between front load and top load washing machine ?

The major difference between these two washing machine is the position of the door top load machine is loaded from the top on the other hand front load have door at the side of the machine

Ques- How long front load washers last ?

The common lifespan of a washing machine is around 10 years , according to customer review if you washing machine reaches the edge and having few troubles , these are some signs that the end is near.


So, basically front load washing machines are made with advanced technology and automatic functions that enable the easiness of washing clothes. There is no doubt that a front load washing machine cares for your fabric and enhances your interior. Moreover, don't forget to look upon these terms before buying a front load washing machine for your home. Hope this information is useful!

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