Top 5 best top load washing machine in India 2021

 Best Top load Washing machine

Washing clothes is one of the most hard working tasks. It includes many steps of washing the clothes. But the washing machine makes it simple. A top load fully automatic machine offers many hi-tech performance and features that must be included in modern washing machines. Today's Indian people are engaged in lots of outer work they have not much time for household duties. So, basically there is a need for advanced appliances and gadgets that simplifies the household task.

With a best top load washing machine you have to put the clothes from the uppermost direction and come with an agitator. An agitator provides much space for loading clothes. best Top load washing machine is  the choice of almost all Indian households because it is cheaper to buy. Moreover, easy to operate it provides deep cleaning operation and it has ability to easily remove heavy stain and dirt from the clothes. 


     Top load washing machines provide specific height for loading clothes  

     Top load washing machines come at a reasonable price.

     You won't be able to experience any smell, mould and odours.

     There is not much water requirement. Moreover, it is energy efficient.


     It take much space as compared to front load washing machine

     It consume more water as compared to front load washing machine 

     It take long time to dry clothes 

     Their washing cycle is longer than a Semi-automatic washing machine.

Indian market is full of vast varieties of washing machine brands. People get stuck between. Which is the best top load washing machine for their home according to their convenience? Sometimes due to the absence of analysis and various factors they are not able to decide the right one.

Before buying a best top load washing machine you have to look upon the basic factors. Such as you have to draw virtual characteristics that throws the light of your requirements and comfort. This post is really made for you. With the help of this complete summary you can easily determine the best top load washing machine for home.

So let's have a look upon these amazing top load fully automatic washing machines-

Top 5 best top load washing machine in India 2021

LG 6.5 kg 5 star smart inverter fully-automatic top loading washing machine

LG has always created impressive innovations and provides smart features that enhance your way of working. LG 6.5 kg top loading washing machine is the best choice for your home. LG top loading washing machine simplifies your way of washing clothes. Make this your helping washing buddy for your home.

Let's have a look upon its impressive features.


1.    It comes with a handy auto restart feature.

2.    The motor of this washing machine is waterproof to prevent corrosion.

3.    It has a turbo drum feature to enhance the washing performance.

4.    The quick wash feature is available for washing clothes quickly. 




Bad quality

Comes with 780 decent RPM

 Do not have wheeling system

The BMC protection enables motor efficiency

Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Are you getting tired by washing your clothes in a manual manner or with a semi automatic washing machine? Then is time to switch yourself really  to Bosch 6.5 kg fully automatic top loading washing machine. Bosch provides extraordinary performance and features the exciting thing about this washing machine is that it comes with dual dispenser means you can use liquid detergent as well as powder detergents.


1.    It has 6.5 kg of capacity suitable for small families.

2.    The child lock system in the control panel helps to lock all the buttons and keep the curious hands faraway.

3.    The power of memory allows the washer to begin the working from the point where it stopped.

4.    The one touch feature is available for the beginners.




Durable glass lid

Steady spinning speed

Easily work on a low water pressure

Do not have an inbuilt heater

One touch start system is pretty convenient

Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine

Samsung is the widely known brand that has created both types of washing machine whether it is semi-automatic or an automatic washing machine. Samsung top load washing machine is a perfect choice for your home because it has amazing features with great quality. It's eco tub clean has the ability to maintain hygiene inside the washing machine. Apart from this, it provides efficiency for washing clothes with beast performance.


1.    It has a capacity of 6.2 kg suitable for small families.

2.    Marvelous design with brand new LED display.

3.    It has a different spin cycle for various purposes.

4.    The eco turbo clean system automatically cleans the whole interior.

 The waterfall system distributes the equal amount of detergent among the clothes.



Gorgeous and aesthetic design

Require large amount of water

Value for money

Cloth tangling issue

Highly effective feature

Long lasting motor


Whirlpool 7Kg 5-Star Fully-automatic Top-Loading washing machine – Whitemagic Elite

Whirlpool is a very popular washing machine manufacturer company in India. Whirlpool has won millions of hearts and customer satisfaction for many years. Whirlpool comes with 7 kg of capacity that is ideal for medium family size. It has smart 1-2-3 buttons that enable all the washing responsibility. So handover your whole washing headache to this Whirlpool buddy and enjoy your day!


1.    The most prominent feature is that it was even with hard water.

2.    It can also take care with the water pressure though zpf technology.

3.    It has a 123 wash system for the first time users.

4.    It has a capacity of 7 kg suitable for small families.



Powerful motor


Easy to operate

Do not have inbuilt system

Easy to operate

It has 12 different wash programs

Haier 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

If you're looking for a budget friendly fully automatic top load washing machine then you should bring Haier. Haier 6.5 kg top load washing machine provides flexibility by giving affordable range with marvelous advanced features. You can wash and dry your clothes at the same time. Haier comes with preloaded 8 washing programs that it offers you ease of washing clothes.


1.    It has a different wash program for the user convenience.

2.    The double magic filter is available for cleaning the interior.

3.    The waterfall system helps to mix up the detergent and water easily.

4.    The Deep clean pulsator helps in cleaning heavy woolen clothes.




Effective drum drier

Sometimes noisy

Durable product


700 decent RPM spin speed


Frequently asked question

Ques- Why does the top load washer smell bad?

Due to hard water humid climate and soap after using leave dirt and allow bad smells in your machine .By scrubbing with vinegar and baking soda help to get rid of that odour and gunk


Ques- Are top load washers good ?

Top loading washers are pretty convenient for load and unload , it is much easier to use than front load washer .Top loading washing machine is the best option if you are looking for easy and quick wash

Ques- Which is a better front or top loader washing machine ?

Top loaders are much budget friendly than front loading washing machine but the front loader uses less water and gives better performance.


After completing day to day work it is necessary that your close must be clean and shiny. So, the top load fully automatic washing machine plays a very essential role in your life. There is no doubt that top load washing machines come in an impressive price range. Although, there are many top brands available in the market and it makes you a little bit confused. So, you have to carry a mind set about purchasing the best front load washing machine for your home. This post is all about the features, factors and terms that may have disappeared your confusion. Hope this post is helpful!

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