Top 10 Best Sewing Machines in India | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best sewing machine in India

We are reviewing the best sewing machine in India. A good sewing machine will not only enhance your skills and interest in stitching but is also an important product for every household and commercial use. You need not go to the tailor for a small stitch that can be easily done at home if you have a sewing machine. A beginner, fashion designer, or a hobbyist, all of these require a suitable stitching machine. Nowadays, these machines have become modernized. They now have several foot pressures, in-built stitches and length adjustments for your convenience.

So many options available in the market can be quite confusing. Therefore here is a list of the best sewing machine in India online to make your search easier. The features mentioned will help you find the right machine according to your requirements. 

Important things you should remember before buying a Sewing Machine?

Before purchasing a Best sewing machine in India you should carefully analyze your requirements, budget, and most importantly, your skill level. If you are a beginner or a hobbyist, you can go for a simple machine but for higher skills and professional use, you should look for features that suit you best.

Types of Sewing Machines

Mechanical Sewing Machine- Suitable for beginners or hobbyists, this basic type of machine is quite affordable. It runs manually, with a wheel rather than a foot pedal. These machines are much durable and suitable for basic projects but lack in-built stitches.

Electronic sewing machines- These machines have various in-built stitching patterns like embroidery, quilting, blind stitch, hemming, and auto-tripping. Many machines have automatic tension settings and thread cutter and contain a dial that controls the length and pattern type of the stitch. They are powered by a motor and are suitable for a large range of tasks.

Computerized Sewing Machines- These latest and most advanced machines can be connected to the internet. They have customizable options that go along with tailoring needs. Computerized machines have a LED, LCD or touch screen display and even save the stitches used for further help. They can perform complex sewing programs and also aloe the user to create their own design on the computer and then use it on the machine.

Such machines are most suitable for small scale textile industries for garment designing. They are expensive because of the various features they have but there is a possibility of technical errors.

Over Locker Sewing Machines or Sergers- They are more suitable for making garments and professional hems and seams. They do not have a lot of functions but have fast sewing capacity. They use multiple needles and threads for an overcast stitch and trim excess fabric. Sergers are very helpful in hemming bed sheets, curtains, and dresses.

In-built stitches- Your selection also depends upon the type of stitching you require. Different creativity and skill levels will need different sets of stitch patterns. Therefore, you must choose a sewing machine that has all the patterns of stitching that you want.

Length adjustment- Length adjustment provides several options for creativity. Stitches are suitable for toy designs while longer stitches are perfect for quilting. The type of embroidery you want largely depends upon length and width adjustment.


Automatic needle threader- It automatically loops the thread into the needle thus preventing strain on eyes and saving time.

Automatic button holder- you can create perfect buttonholes by turning the dial and without hampering the fabric.

Needle position adjustment- High-end machines have this feature to move the needle to left or right as per your requirements. 

Adjustable foot press- It prevents the fabric from stretching and makes it quite easy to attach cords and zippers.

Motor size- A stronger motor is suitable for heavier usage and thicker fabrics like upholstery etc. a light-weighted machine cannot withstand such tasks. But it is easy to use and carry them.

Here is a list of top 10 sewing machines to help you select the one you need:

Usha Janome Dream Stitch Sewing Machine

Usha is a traditional Indian brand that wins many hearts of Indian people. From early then today whenever people want to a sewing machine they usually preferred Usha. This Usha sewing machine has 7 in-built stitches and 14 applications like length adjustment, auto tripping bobbin system, and drop feed for embroidery, making sewing more convenient. 

The light present in the machine provides visibility even in dim lighted conditions. 


  • It is operated with electricity

  • This sewing machine comes in a 2 years of warranty 

  • Its has 7 pre loaded stitch options

  • Stitching speed is 550 per seconds 



Easy to carry

Requires continuous electric supply

Easy to change foot

Lack of accessories

Free arm and circular stitching

Thread breakage occurs

Built-in light

2 years warranty


Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine 

Singer is a newly brand in Indian market and occupied a good position. This machine offers great performance in a mid range price which means this is trust worthy. The high-pressure foot lifter lets you stitch multiple layers and bulky fabrics. This Singer sewing machine has 6 built-in stitch patterns and can deliver 750 stitches per minute. Threading diagrams help to set the thread easily.


  • It has an automatic 4-step buttonhole function

  • Comes with LED light

  • Singer offers 2 years of warranty 

  • 6 inbuilt stitches options




No dust cover

LED lighting

Needle breakage

Auto thread cutter

Auto 4 step buttonhole

Auto bobbin winding


Brother FS101 Computerized Sewing  

Brother sewing machine is fully advanced and made for professionals. It has large number of stitching options. This machine comes with 100 built-in stitches and 55 alphanumeric stitches like decorative stitches and buttonhole stitches. Its in-built speed control enables adjusting the running speed, especially in sewing quilts. An extension table is provided to help you handle extra-large and heavy fabrics.


  • Portable and lightweight

  • Brothers comes with 100 built-in stitches and 55 alphanumeric stitches

  • It has 8 useful buttonhole options

  • Its comes with in-built needle threader



Built-in needle threading

Case not provided

Large LCD screen

Easy to use the speed control

1-year warranty

Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing 

Once again there is another Usha sewing machine. This machine offers lots convince for designers and beginners. This product from Usha comes with 21 applications and a speed of 860 stitches per minute. The sewing light helps to stitch in the low light areas. The Triple strength stitch locks the thread thrice forward, backward, and forward again.


  • An automatic machine with inbuilt motor

  • You can make embroidery

  • It has 13 inbuilt stitch options along with 21 stitch functions

  • This product offers two-year warranty



Allows circular stitching

Requires continuous electric supply

Easy to handle

Thread breakage occurs

Double-needle function

Reverse stitch button

Compact design


Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine 

Once again there is another Sewing machine from Singer. There is no doubt that Singer fulfil it's trust and promise for customers.  The sewing speed of this machine is 1800 stitches per min and 8 in-built stitches. It includes accessories like a pack of needles, all-purpose foot, and buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, zipper foot, bobbins, seam ripper, lint brush, and soft-sided dust cover.


  • It offers eight inbuilt stitches with 24 stitch functions
  • There is an automatic buttonhole stitching
  • Easy electrical presser foot
  • This product comes with two-year of warranty



In-built thread cutter

Sometimes needle breakage occurs

Reverse knob

Automatic 4 step buttonhole

Automatic bobbin winding

Dust cover


Qualimate Mini Portable Sewing  

Qualimate Mini Portable Sewing is one of the most handy and compact sewing machine. Don't compare its performance by it's mini size because this sewing machine offers you great performance with amazing advantages. The sewing speed of this machine is 1800 stitches per min and 8 in-built stitches. It includes accessories like a pack of needles, all-purpose foot, and buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, zipper foot, bobbins, seam ripper, lint brush, and soft-sided dust cover.


  • You can control the speed of needle
  • This mini machine comes with many accessories 
  • This sewing machine comes with foot paddle
  • You can extend the warranty period



2-speed control

Not suitable for thicker fabrics


Focus light for easy sewing in low light

Isabella Desktop Mini Sewing Machine

This compact 4-in-1 machine is suitable for daily use. It comes with an adapter and foot pedal and is perfect for beginners with its chain-locking stitch mechanism.




Thick fabrics cannot be stitched

2-speed control

LED light provided
Easy to carry

Usha Janome Allure Zig Zag Sewing Machine  

Usha Janome series brings quality and amazing stitching experience for professionals and designers. This automatic zig zag sewing machine has 13 built-in stitches along with the buttonhole stitch. It performs 550 stitches per minute and a color-coded functional faceplate. You can easily select the stitch pattern and length by turning the dial.


  • It's comes with 13 inbuilt stitches with 21 stitching functions

  • There is a zigzag stitching feature

  • Amazing feet attachments

  • This product come with 2 year of warranty.



Built-in sewing light


Free arm machine

Service quality not good

Thicker fabrics can also be stitched

Singer 8280 Sewing Machine

This easy to use singer sewing machine is ideal for beginners. Singer 8280 is a compact sewing machine for a day to day use and can easily operated by any homemaker. This product is very light and easy to use. It is portable and has all the features you would require for basic decorative sewing. It comes with 7 built-in stitch patterns and 24 stitch functions. It runs on electricity and performs 800 stitches per minute.


  • It comes with 8 Built-in Stitches.
  • There is an automatic Four-Step Buttonhole.
  • This sewing machine provides easy threading.
  • Easy stitch options
  • You can adjust the zig-zag and stitch lengths 



Sturdy metal frame

Thicker fabrics cannot be handled

Free arm machine

Weak reverse knob

Accessory storage

High vibration while in use

Built-in sewing light

Usha Janome Automatic Stitch Magic 70 Watt Sewing Machine  

Usha Janome automatic Stitch Magic sewing machine brings magic and boost your stitching experience. A perfect choice for designers and professional. Usha Janome magic machine is a powerful series of Janome model.   This machine has several applications like stretch stitching, rolled hemming, button fixing, smocking, zip fixing, and satin stitch. It can stitch up to 800 per minute and has automatic threading.


  • It come with  automatic needle for threading

  • For easiness there is an free arm function so you can do circular stitching

  • There is twenty three built-in-stitches with button hole stitch

  • 14 applications along with button fixing, zip fixing, stretch stitching, rolled hemming and many more

  • Dual needle facility





Easy to carry

Service not good

Triple strength stitch

Perfect for thick fabrics

Free arm machine provides easy circular stitching


Comparison between Usha sewing machines and Singer sewing machines

Singer Promise 1408
Usha Janome Dream Stitch
Singer Start 1306
Usha Janome Allure Zig Zag
Singer Promise 1408
Built-in stitches
Sewing light
Sewing speed
860 SPM
750 SPM
860 SPM
700 SPM
Button hole sewing
₹ 8,399.00
₹ 7,249.00 
₹ 7,599.00


A beginner or a professional, everyone needs a machine that will cater to their needs. Since every person has different requirements, they will need different models and designs. To help you find the right sewing machine that will suit your needs. Some important points have been mentioned to inform you about the features that you should look for while purchasing a Best sewing machine. Some of the best sewing machines available online have also been described along with their specifications to make your job easier.

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