Top 10 Best Water Purifiers in India | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best Water Purifiers in India

Water purifier remove germs & contaminants from water and makes our life healthier by fulfilling the hygiene purpose. It is easy to ensure the use of clean and germ-free water for various purposes. Different types of Best Water Purifiers in India are available in variable price ranges since they have become a necessity.

Benefits of a Water Purifier?

There are several reasons why water purification is important. Drinking water containing chlorine can be harmful to your health. Purified water ensures that your drinking water is free from all disease-causing bacteria and impurities since these potentially dangerous microorganisms can be life-threatening for people with lower immunity. These filtration systems reduce chlorine levels from water thus making it safe for use. Also, they are budget-friendly so clean water is no more a strain on your pocket. Purifying water has become convenient since these Best Water Purifiers in India provide clean water in almost no time. Impure water can cause various types of skin allergies, so these purifiers give clean water that makes your skin glowing and free from irritation.

Water purifiers have several benefits. So, you must invest wisely in buying one whether for commercial purposes or home.

Difference between Purifiers for home and commercial use

Domestic or home Best Water Purifiers in India are designed to hold a small quantity of water thus is ideal for homes. They work on RO, UV, or UF technologies. Reverse osmosis (RO) removes all impurities and contaminants and UV rays kill all harmful microorganisms. A combination of these is also available. These purifiers occupy less space and serve a small number of people.

commercial water purifier is used to treat water on a large scale. Just like domestic purifiers, they are also based upon RO, UV, or UF technologies. These purification machines are installed in schools, offices, hotels, restaurants, and factories to provide pure water. Commercial Best Water Purifiers in India possess many benefits like converting hard water into soft water, removes impurities providing good quality water for students, workers, and customers in different establishments. Its price depends upon the technology and features available.

Some of the best water purifiers in India are mentioned below to make the task easier for you:

Important Features to keep in mind while purchasing a water purifier:

Water Source

Before selecting a water purifier you should know about your water source since that would help you know about the TDS level. There is no use of a water purifier if the TDS level is below 500. In case of supply from a municipal or corporation water, the TDS level is usually 500 or below. Groundwater usually has TDS levels ranging above 500.

⦿ Types of water purifiers

Reverse Osmosis- Here the contaminants and water are separated by a membrane, therefore making it fit for consumption.

Ultraviolet rays (UV) - UV rays kill harmful germs like bacteria and viruses.

Ultrafiltration (UF) - The ultrafiltration membrane removes larger suspended particles along with bacteria and viruses.

Most of the Best Water Purifiers in India provide a combination of RO+UV+UF, whereas some provide RO+UV or only RO or UV.

Gravity Water Purifiers- These do not need electricity to run, unlike the above-mentioned purifiers. They use gravity for water purification and don’t deliver advanced purification like RO or UV filters.


⦿ Sediment pre-filter

It acts as a gateway and removes sediments and dust particles. It is found separately encased outside the main RO unit. The pre-filter needs to be changed within 3-6 months depending on the water quality to increase the lifespan of the main membrane.

⦿ Activated Carbon Filter

It traps organic and volatile substances to remove odor and purifies further by removing chlorine.

⦿ RO/UF Membrane

This is the most important part of the RO filter. It allows only pure water to pass through by separating ions, dissolved particles, and some minerals. Since RO removes minerals, they are fitted with extra cartridges to add back the minerals.

⦿ UV Filter

It is a UV lamp that kills harmful bacteria and viruses, present in the water but does not remove dissolved solids. 

⦿ TDS controller

It allows the mixing of minerals removed by the RO membrane. Most purifiers are fitted with TDS controllers but they might be absent in some. So, check the TDS controller before buying it.

⦿ Post-carbon Filter

This leads to the removal of odor and enhances the taste of water.

⦿ Storage tank

Here the finally purified water is stored. Tanks are available in 7, 8, and 9L sizes and heavier depending on usage. A larger tank would be heavier and occupy more space.

LG Puricare WW180EP RO+UV+UF Mineral Booster Water Purifier

This LG water purifier comes with an 8L stainless steel tank and a 5 stage RO filtration. The mineral filter adds back the minerals lost during purification. It comes equipped with UV sterilization, filter changes, and water level indicators.

Stainless steel tank prevents algal growth
Price may be an issue
Efficient performance with UV sterilization

Havells Max Alkaline 7-Liter RO+UV Water Purifier (Blue/White)

Absolute safe water with 100 percent RO and UV purification, minerals fortification that provides alkaline and great tasting water. 7-stage 100 percent RO and UV purification. Minerals technology corrects the pH level and adds natural minerals with trace elements to deliver alkaline water. Revitalizer (magnetized water) enhances water molecules for improved hydration and mineral absorption. iProtect monitoring.For any queries contact customer care: 1800 103 1313/ 1800 11 0303

Water teste is awesome
Maintenance required
TDS reduced to 54 from 254

Easy to clean

Havells  Max 8L  RO UV  Water Purifier

This Havells water purifier has Mineralizer to replenish lost minerals and Revitalizer to restructure water molecules, therefore, increases hydration and mineral absorption. The project feature monitors the water purification process.

Double purification
Requires high maintenance
Efficient performance

Kent Ace Mineral 7L RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

This Kent RO water purifier eliminates even the smallest impurities and microorganisms. It's Mineral RO technology delivers pure water along with the removal of dissolved salts.

Purifies inlet water from multiple sources
RO purifier wastes a lot of water
No charge service for 3 years

Blue Star Aristo RO+UV 7L Water Purifier 

This purification machine comes with 6-stage purification and Aqua taste booster to optimize the pH level of water. Its high-quality RO membrane delivers excellent performance.

System alerts
Cannot work at low pressure
Child lock feature
Maintenance required
Efficient purification

UV Water Purifier

A UV water purifier makes use of UV rays to kill disease-causing bacteria and viruses in the water. It requires electricity for operation.

Can work with normal tap water pressure
Cannot remove dissolved salts
UV purification protects from water-borne diseases

Eureka Forbes Aquasure  Smart Plus 6L from Aquaguard

The 6-stage purification process of this Aquaguard RO water purifier delivers excellent performance. The Chemi block eliminates bad odor and dissolved contaminants.

MTDS restores the taste of water
Wastage of water by RO purifier
RO cartridge has a 6000L long life

Prestige Tattva 2.1 Copper 16L Water Purifier 

This Prestige water purifier is a unique combination of tradition and modernity with its copper storage container. Copper enhances digestion, stops the growth of harmful bacteria, strengthens bones, and boosts the immune system.

High-filtration rate
Filter tap can have leakage issues
Chemical-free purification

Copper container benefits

Dolphin RO Water Purifier

This 8L RO+UV water purifier has a compact size, attractive design, and ABS food-grade plastic water storage container.

This Dolphin water purifier comes with a full installation kit with a pre-filter kit
Better options available in the same price range in terms of performance
SMPS power supply for long life

Whirlpool Mineral ultra 10L RO+UV+UF+Mes Water Purifier

This Whirlpool water purifier comes with 9-stage purification and a pre-filter that removes all physical impurities enhancing the life of the RO membrane. Mes ensures that the water is enriched with minerals.

Higher storage
A bit pricey
Restores minerals


Q- How much time Kent water purifier takes to fill the water tank?

A- Basically they nearly take two to four hours to fill up the tank of Kent water purifier without storage. You will probably have to wait for 5 to 10 minutes in order to fill a glass of water.

The speed depends upon the GPD
The RO who produce 100 gallons made then their GPD is Hundred and 50 GPD  is faster than a hundred.

Q- HUL water purifier is continuously running without stopping after water is filled? 

A- Turn off the valve ball and shut down the power button take a look at the settlement and fitting of pipes or tubes and take a look at whether the valve is broken or not then call your favorite helpline number at 18002101000 to register a complaint and service requirement.


This article will help you decide which features to look for while purchasing one as some of the best water purifiers in India have been described to make this task a little easier.

Pure water is just as essential as pure air. It is important that we consume and use clean water to remain safe from illness. Best Water Purifiers in India are cost-effective and convenient options to fulfill the need for hygienic water. Many choices are available in the market but you should consider your requirements first then go for the one that suits your demands.

Different designs and capacities are available for domestic and commercial use, you can easily shortlist the features that you require and choose your purifier. 

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