Best electric vegetable chopper cutter in india 2021

Best Electric Vegetable Chopper Cutter in India 2021

 In our kitchen we need to perform various kinds of operations in the food making process and chopping slicing is one of them. Probably it is not an easy task so if you are looking for unguarded and advanced equipment for your cutting and chopping on a daily basis so an electric vegetable chopper is made for you electric vegetable chopper is pretty fast so you don't need to use any other manual knife and utensils for cutting and chopping.

An electric vegetable chopper is a compact machine including a container or jar with stainless steel blades, single operating control button and comes with a powerful motor. It is just a simple powerful machine which is generally made for chopping food and vegetables items. The best electric vegetable chopper is your kitchen buddy! It must be present in every kitchen. An electric vegetable chopper simplifies the operations like slicing, cutting, chopping, grinding, blending and mincing.

In the market there are many electric vegetable choppers available at various prices but the thing is that a best electric vegetable chopper must have a powerful motor so it performs the operation in a quick time, an electric vegetable chopper must have different kinds of blades for different needs besides this storage capacity and durability also matters.

Types of vegetable chopper

Electric vegetable chopper

The electric vegetable chopper requires electricity and it is super easy to use and convenient and it provides benefits because you can perform multiple tasks for different food items, simply just put the items in the jar and plug in the wire and press the ON button. Pretty simple! No need for any physical efforts.

⦿ Manual vegetable chopper

Manual vegetable choppers are portable and easy to use. There is no need for electricity ; it saves your bill. It comes with a container and includes Steel blades with a pumping plastic thread for blade rotation. The more you pump fast you will get fine shopping.

⦿ Fruits and vegetable slicer

It is a small and handy slicer that comes with a storage jar on the bottom and the uppermost side there is a detachable different blade. Pick or hold fruit and vegetables and move in a forward and backward direction all the slices of food will fall inside the container no mess no electricity!

⦿ Mandolines

This chopper comes with 3 different kinds of blades for different slicing and cutting of fruits and vegetables. The blades are placed in an inclined position with the support and just moves the food item in forward and backward motion for slicing.

⦿ Vegetable grinder

This type of product is mainly used for mincing. With the help of a vegetable grinder, you can mince the vegetables, meat and other food items. It offers us superfine minced food items in a quick time.

⦿ Dicer

Surely you are aware of the name "Dicer" through the commercial TV. Dicer is very simple to use as a manual cutting device. It can dice and cut any kind of vegetables and fruits. The food item will fall down inside the small in-built container.

Let's have a look up on the basic specifications of electric vegetable chopper-

⦿ Blades

Before buying any kind of chopper just have a look upon the blade the Blade must be sharp and made with stainless Steel material. Stainless steel blades I'd rust free and give high sharpness and bring you fine shopping results.

⦿ Powerful motor

An electric vegetable chopper with a powerful motor is the best combination because it brings the fastest chopping and cutting of food items in a less time.

⦿ Wattage

There is no need for heavy wattage for chopping the vegetables and fruits. Almost all the electric vegetable choppers come in 250 to 400 words so you don't need to worry about the high electricity bills.

⦿ Various blades

An electric vegetable chopper provides various kinds of detachable blades for different purposes. You can fix your blades for desired tasks such as shredding, whipping, dicing, crushing, blending in a single electric chopper.

⦿ BPA-free container

Before buying any electric vegetable chopper make sure the storage container must be BPA free and it should be mentioned upon the label of the container to avoid buying the product whose container is not BPA free.

⦿ Capacity.

Before buying any electric vegetable chopper you will have to maintain the mind set about the storage capacity of an electric  chopper a large size container might be good for all purposes.

We are going to introduce some top varieties of the best electric vegetable chopper for your kitchen. I hope this information helps you to find the best electric vegetable chopper with features advantages and some drawbacks.

Top best electric vegetable chopper cutter in India

Orpat express 250 watt chopper

Orpat brand is widely known for amazing invention in the electronic appliances this electric vegetable chopper comes along with 250 watt of working motor in a  transparent stylish design container you can store the chopped food items as well. Orpat express 250 watt electric chopper come at a reasonable price and covered in a one year warranty.


  • One touch power button
  • 250 watt powerful motor
  • Powerful blades
  • 700 ml storage
  • Multipurpose squash guard cover



Noiseless motor

Cheap quality

It has long life and provide easy chopping


No need of installation

Hilton Stainless steel Jumbo electric vegetable chopper

Chopping is the most time consuming work every kitchen needs a best electric vegetable chopper so held in stainless steel Jumbo is one of them it provides you a transparent container within a 200 watt of powerful motor. The container size is large so you can easily perform your shopping on your daily basis. This electric chopper is covered in a one-year warranty.


  • 200 watt powerful motor
  • Stainless steel chopper blade
  • Stainless steel whipping blade
  • Portable design
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate transparent bowl



Stylish body

Cordless device

Unbreakable transparent bowl

Rust free blades

Glen 250 watt 4043 mini electric vegetable chopper

"No Mess Here We Have Glen!" This mini electric vegetable chopper has many superb features and comes in a 250 watt powerful motor, classy looking design. Moreover, it is easy to operate and clean and capable to perform a number of tasks in every kitchen.

This electric chopper is covered in a warranty period of 2 year.


  • Matt steel body
  • Strong and hard glass top
  • 4 liter capacity
  • 250 watt powerful motor
  • Matt steel drip tray



Easy to store and clean

Sometimes chopping gets uneven

Rust free blades


Fast and durable

It can do mincing and mixing also

Prestige PEC 1.0 450 watt electric vegetable chopper 

Prestige is one of the most superior and fastest growing brand in India Prestige PEC 1.0 electric vegetable chopper comes with a 450 watt super strong motor for heavy duty shopping service it can slice, dice, chop and minced any food item in a quick time this electric vegetable chopper is worthy. This super fast chopper provides you one year of a warranty.


  • Transparent jar
  • Compact design
  • 1 year warranty
  • 450 watt powerful motor
  • Twin stainless steel blade



Provided with a press button

Absence of a whisking blade.

Multipurpose chopper

Fast and sharp chopping

Morphy Richards Vivo Electric vegetable chopper

The Morphy Richards is a versatile brand that is known for providing excellent appliances in the kitchen . This is a worthy product and gives you the best chopping experience. Moreover, it has other additional features like mincing, whipping and crushing as well as this electric chopper occupying very little space in the kitchen and granting you 1 year of a warranty period.


  • 260 watt powerful motor
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Detachable whisker
  • Turbo speed button
  • Easy to operate



Multipurpose device

Not meant for large size vegetables

1 year warranty


easy to store

Prestige Electric vegetable chopper

Once again Prestige brings another electric vegetable chopper. Prestige electric vegetable chopper completes the number of various tasks including chopping, cutting and crushing. This product comes with a powerful motor along with twin blades and the body is very attractive and the design is compact, easy to clean and simplifies your kitchen job with 1 year of manufactured warranty.



  • 250 watt powerful motor
  • Sharp blades
  • Ring handle design
  • Cordless design
  • Transparent jar



No need of electricity


Multipurpose device

Saves time


Black + Decker BX CH120IN 120 watt electric vegetable chopper

The last electric vegetable chopper is Black + Decker is highly made for chopping work from morning till night and you can easily prepare meals for your family in a less time. This model is your kitchen buddy. Black + Decker electric vegetable chopper chopped the fruits and vegetables in a fast manner without creating any mess it has two mode functions you can select according to your work and comes with a 2 year of a warranty period.


  • 120 watt powerful motor
  • 350 ml bowl
  • Sharp stainless steel blades
  • Has 2 speed mods
  • Safety button to avoid leakage



2 Mods of speed


Multipurpose device

Bulky and acquire much space

Saves time and energy

Sharp blades

⦿ Mini Chopper

In the kitchen we also need to chopped small food items which is not finley done by big electric vegetable choppers or manual cutters so there is a necessity of a Mini chopper. Mini Chopper specially made for chopping and cutting small quantities of onion tomato for Salsa, pasta sauce, omelette and chopped dry fruits for dessert and delicious sweet dishes. The mini choppers are not made for slicing and shredding work and they come in affordable range with powerful motors.

⦿ Commercial Chopper

Commercial Choppers are also known as bowl choppers, vegetable and fruit choppers, buffalo choppers, electric choppers etc. They cut and sliced the vegetables and fruits for commercial business purposes. Commercial Chopper comes with super sharp blades, heavy duty motors and the body is made of aluminium alloy including a large stainless steel bowl. Moreover, an emergency shutdown is also included.

⦿ Frequently asked question

1) How to clean the vegetable chopper

Wash food particles under running water if small particles get stuck on then remove it using a brush wash the parts of the food chopper with the help of the hands in a sink of warm and soapy water and place the food chopper on the top of the dishwasher.

2)What is the best small manual food chopper

The best small and manual food chopper available in Amazon are as follows

     Pigeon by stovekraft new handy mini plastic vegetable chopper

     Prestige 1.0 vegetable cutter

     Ganesh chopper vegetable cutter

     Homepuff HP mini CHPR vegetable chopper

     Amazon brand solimo compact vegetable chopper.

3) How to use an electric vegetable chopper?

Electric vegetable chopper is pretty simple to use you will no need to put any manual effort simply just plugging the wire in a holder and put the food item into the container and press the power button the sharp blades will rotate in a circular direction and chop all the large food items into a fine part it saves your time and energy as well.

4) Is nutri chopper any good

It is not that good you will face lots of difficulties as you will have to be very careful while using it.

The chopper sizes too small and hard two dice also require lots of energy. You have to put only smaller chunks of soft food and carefully put the blades in line and also examine the push block while cleaning.

5) What types of food items can be chopped by a vegetable cutter?

Having a hand operated and smart design a vegetable chopper will assist you to shop various varieties of food items like vegetables like onion fruits nuts etc. The cutting tool will also help you to chop cooked meat and fishes very easily.

6) Can you use food chopper as a food processor

The major difference between a food chopper and a food processor is that a food chopper uses physical power while a  processor uses mechanical power.

It's not unusual to convert a food chopper into a mini food processor as a food chopper has 1 to 4 cups of capacity and it has the capability to mix grind mince chop different types of food on the other hand a food processor can hold 7 to 12 cups of food and can perform the work of a food chopper also.


As we can say that nowadays an electric vegetable chopper is a helping hand and it must be present in every kitchen the main advantage of using electric vegetable chopper is that it simplifies your work and you can make quick meals in less time for your family. Before buying any electric vegetable Chopper don't forget to look upon this information including drawbacks and check the quality of the material especially blades, working motor, plastic container, product warranty versatility and price.

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