Top 10 best room heater to buy in India 2020

 Top 10 Best Room Heater to Buy in India 2020

Winter is a very challenging season in India. In the northern parts temperature falls down below 10 or 5 degrees.

During the chilling winter season everyone wants to keep their body warm with the hot cup of coffee basically room heaters is a friendly buddy in the winter. 

In India the temperature is moderate we can't bear the extremely cold weather so the room heaters become our priority.

This review gives you the ability to choose the best room heater in India 2020.

⦿ Types of room heaters

There are commonly three types of room heaters in India; mostly all room heaters are working in these three phenomena.

 Convection heater is based on convection technology where oil is used for heating. On the other side the blower heater produces hot air all over the room.

 Conduction heater there is a metallic glowing coil or tube which closes a thermal heat in the entire room.

 Radiant heaters work on the principle of infrared radiation; they produce hot rays on the area where they fall and warmth the nearby area of the room.

⦿ Energy efficiency

The room heater with higher wattage consumes high electricity so you have to pay a high electricity bill. Whereas the low weight age of heater consume less electricity but they do not offer better heat.

⦿ Smart safety feature

The best room heater comes with safety features such as if you accidentally touch the heater there will be no chance of burning.

The power automatically turns off when the room is completely warmed.

⦿ Portability

you have to pay attention to portability before buying any heater. The heater must be easy to carry and offers mobility.

⦿ Remote control

Nobody wants to wake up in the winter so the best room heater comes along with a remote control setup that controls the timer, temperature and power on/off button.

⦿ Watt

A monster type heater consumes more power rather than the little ones. There are many heaters that claim to be low power consumption but there is no mentioned review on power. In India you have to pay approximately 500 rupees for 400 Watts room heater in a month. For 800 watts-1000 watts room heaters, the monthly electricity bill is around 1000 to 2000 rupees. And lastly for a big room heater 2000 watts you have to pay 2000 to 4000 rupees in a month.

Top 10 best room heater in India 2020

We have some picked up list of top 10 best room heaters in India 2020 that is mentioned below:

Usha quartz room heater (3002) 800 watt with overheating protection


Usha is known for its traditional appliances and still maintains its fame. This heater helps to keep your room warm during winter.


  • It consumes less power (240 volts)
  • This model comes with overheating protection
  • Its body is made with powder-coated finished with a 1 year warranty.

Support low power consumption
Safety Switches

Orpat OEH 1260 2000 Watt Fan Heater

The next best room heater is "Orpat" . Say welcome to this product that protects you from the coldness of winter and has a safety cut-off with a durable body.


  • Fan type heater
  • Power efficient technology with two heating modes- 1000/2000 watts.
  • Best for small to medium sized rooms and covered in 2 years warranty.



Stand with cord storage

Inferior quality

Thermal cut off

Bajaj flashy 1000 watt best room heater

You are ready to fight the winter with a Bajaj flashy room heater that offers a single tube of 1000 watt along with 1.5 meter cotton braided cord.


    • Nickel plated mesh tube
    • 1000 watt power
    • Compact and easy to carry
    • 2 years warranty



    Fast heating

    No thermostat


    Havells OFR 11 fin 2900 watt best room heater

    This is a widely known brand in India and their appliances have maintained its position.

    The Havells OFR room heater works on thermostatic principle and its build design is classy.



      3 watt power 1000/1500/2500 with additional 400 watt fan.

      17 kg weight along inbuilt overheat protection plus covered in 1 year warranty.



      Overheat protection


      PTC ceramic heating

      Bajaj Majesty RH 9F fin 2400 watt oil filled radiator room heater

      The best room heater in Bajaj is Majesty 9 fin oil filled radiator that keeps your room warm and the additional wheels are provided for portability.



        Additional PTC ceramic fan. This is an oil fin heater that consumes less electricity The built quality is metallic and plastic and covered in 2 years of warranty.



        Fashionable design

        Not for bigger rooms

        Overheating protection

        Singer quartz heat Glow Plus 800 watt best room heater

        Singer is the next in our list of best room heater. Singer is a well known brand in India and popularly known for its promising products, singer quartz offers convenience and keeps away the chilled coldness in winter.


          Singer quartz comes with dual heat setting 800 and 400 watt tubes their working operation is quiet. If we're talking about caution then it provides overheat protection and is covered in 1 year warranty.




          Inferior quartz tubes

          Low power consumption

          Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000 watt best room heater

          Next we have Bajaj heat convector heater "It's a little Box with powerful watt". And ideal for bachelors and exciting things it offers two season modes.


            There are two power modes 1000/2000 watts. For caution it offers overheating protection. There are two inbuilt modes: heater for winter and fan for summer and covered in a 2 years warranty.



            Dual season mode



            Usha PTC 2000 watt oil filled best room heater in India

            This Usha PTC model heater promises to offer the pleasant warmth in the cruel winter, its operation does not make any noise so you can take peaceful sleep in winter.


              • Power: 800/1200/2000W
              • Oil filled radiator wave fin for all over heating. Overheating protection for safety and in wheel include for mobility.
              • This model is ISI certified and 1 year of warranty.



              Silent working

              Not for bigger rooms

              Cord storage

              Usha 1500 watt best room heater in India

              Here once again Usha brings one more best room heater that is ISI certified and comes in classy design which has overheating protection fan heater.


                2 power modes 900/1500 watt

                This is a two-mode fan heater along with a silent working motor. Looking  very classy and for safety gives overheating protection.



                ISI approved

                Not for bigger room

                Stylish design

                10-  Maharaja quartz 800-watt best room heater in India

                The last best room heater is maharaja which is an traditional Indian brand that offers best features, Maharaja fights with the coldness of winter.


                  2 power modes 400-800 watt

                  Overheating protection, Maharaja quartz covered in one year warranty.

                  Auto cut off feature and the it's body  made with powder coated finished. 




                  Not for bigger room

                  Nickel mesh grill

                  Frequently asked question :

                  1 ) Which heater consumes less electricity?

                  Many popular brands promising for or low consumption of electricity but there are no mentioned authentication the halogen and oil filled room heater consume less electricity approximately 400 watt the best one is Usha QH 3002 quartz heater that consumes very less electricity.

                  2) How does the oil heater work?

                  The working of an oil heater is quite simple. There is oil inside the heater that heats up by using the electricity when the oil is completely warmed then it keeps the entire room warm.

                  3) How to calculate room heater size ?

                  it is essential to buy an appropriate size of heater which is properly fit in your room. Here is the given formula which helps to find out the appropriate size of the heater according to the room.


                  (The capacity of room heater wattage=area of room in sq.ft*10)

                  If your room size is 80 square feet to 120square feet then you should buy 800 to 1200 watt heaters. On the other side 140 square feet to 200 square feet then 1400 to 2000 watt heater is ideal. 

                  4) Which room heater is best for the baby?

                   The vent free heater and thermostat are ideal for babies because the blower dryer is the natural moisture inside the room it may cause skin problems and rashes because the baby skin is very sensitive.  The vent free heater has an inbuilt chimney that works in the ventilation process and keeps the toxic gases outside the room.


                  So these are selected top 10 best room heaters that keep you warm while taking care of your safety, power, consumption product trust, durability and performance.

                  So You can buy any of these and We are pretty sure that we are able to offer all the related answers to a best room heater in India with features as well as safety measures.

                  Avoid buying a room heater that has no overheating protection safety.

                  Don't forget to follow the precautions of using a room heater.

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