Top 5 Best Electric Kettle in India 2021 – [Reviews]

Best Electric Kettle in India

A hot tea is the major supplement of morning and night. In this hard working life we need instant gadgets that prepare breakfast in a quick time.  Electric kettle plays a very vital role in the morning. Electric kettle is a home appliance that prepares your food items. Everyone have in the morning there is very short time. So you need an instant device with the help of electric kettle you can make your hot tea, milk boiled egg, noodles and many more in a multiple time. Kettle is easy to use and compact. It has inner heating technology so you don't need to heat the kettle in the microwave or in a gas stove. An electric kettle is a best helper and instant craving maker for your sweet home.


Nowadays electric kettle is available with advanced exciting technologies like- boil dry protection, filter of limescale, water level indicator, cool touch handle, long lasting hot function, and power rating. An electric kettle has a helping multi tasking ability that fulfills all your requirements

Let's have a look upon its advantages and disadvantages of electric kettles...


  Care for safety

Electric kettle has auto shut off features that enable safety and prevent the over boiling process when it reaches the top boiling point. Moreover, it has built-in heat source timers with programmable functions, stay cool touch technology and insulated thermal handles. This all features enables an easier heating process and prevents caution. So, electric kettle is safer to use.

  Saves your time

Boiling water is typically a non interested work. It takes a long time when you are boling in a normal gas stove but with the help of an electric kettle you can boil the water in fastway.

  Saves your electricity bill

It consumes less electricity as compared to regular microwave ovens or gas stoves. Electric kettle is non-eating electricity bills because it does work in a power saving manner.

  Prepare delicious tea and coffee

There is no doubt that the tea and coffee made by electric kettle taste much better than usual gas stove. In India the best electric kettle has built-in temperature controls and pre-loaded settings.

  Durable and compact

Electric kettle is made with premium quality stainless steel which is durable and stylish in look. Moreover, it is handy.


     After a long time it causes scale and the scale is not easy to remove . Hence it is important to offer good maintenance


     The price range of electric kettle in India is higher as compared to gas stove kettles


     There is plastic made out of the body of an electric kettle so there are chances of melting the plastic.


In the market there are vast varieties of electric kettle. You may face many hindrances in order to make the right choice. But this post is made to give the remedy of this issue. This post is all about the factors, features advantages and drawbacks of top listed electric kettle in India 2021.

Top 5 best electric kettle in India 2021 

Philips HD9306/06 1.5 litre electric kettle

Philips is one of the most preferable brands of many Indian customers. Philips wins millions of hearts of Indian people because of their exciting home appliances with great features. This electric kettle comes with 1.5 litre of capacity and provides many features.



1.    It prevents damage in case of forgetting to turn off the switch.

2.    Easy to use and clean.

3.    It has dry boil protection to work even in minimum or no water.

4.    It has 1800 watt of power efficiency.

5.    The stainless Steel body gives it a Aesthetic look.



Power and safety

  Too small power cord

Easy to use

Dry boiling feature

360 degree cordless pirouette base


Orpat OEK-8137 1350 Watt cordless kettle

Orpat is a popular Indian brand that is known for providing affordable and amazing household appliances for Indian homemakers. Remove your day today tiredness by taking a sip of instant tea with the help of Orpat electric kettle.



1.    It has easy to access switch for the user convenience

2.    1350 watt of powerful efficiency for fast boiling.

3.    It has an auto off feature to prevent overheating when the water reaches a preferable point.

4.    The stainless Steel material makes it highly durable.

5.    The lockable lid prevents accidental spills.



Overheating production


 Durable Steel skin

 Short cable

Easy to operate

360 swivel base

Prestige PKCSS 1.0 1200
watt electric kettle

Prestige is a well-known brand in India that manufactures amazing household appliances for Indian homes. A retro look with digital technology is such a killer combination! This kettle enhances your working in an instant way.




1.    It has classic spout design with sturdy build.

2.    For unexpected spillage it is provided with the lockable lid.

3.    Automatic turn off future to prevent from running dry.

4.    1 litre volume and can heat the water fastly.




Durable body


Aesthetic look

Single lid locking

 One year of warranty


Bajaj Majesty KTX 9 1 litre multifunction stainless steel kettle

Bajaj majesty series offers premium quality home appliances that's long time. This electric kettle probably impresses you with their sophisticated features and performance. Whenever you are in a hurry then it will be your helping hand whether the day or night.



1.    It is made up of a stainless steel material for a long life span.

2.    It has a dry boil as well as auto turn-off function.

3.    It has a lockable lid to prevent the heat from escaping.

4.    The control knob function allows the user to adjust the temperature.

5.    It provides a firm grip through the ergonomic  handle.



 Easy to operate

Weak buttons

High energy efficiency

Overheat protection

 2 year of warranty

Morphy Richards Voyager 100 0.5 litre electric kettle


Morphy Richards is a popular worldwide brand that cares for quality and world class performance while maintaining authenticity. Morphy Richards electric kettle provides you many benefits and speeds up your kitchen task in an exciting way. Boost your morning duties and you can prepare late night noodles and soups.

So let's upon its amazing features



1.    The cattle have automatic shut off electric supply.

2.    It has a stainless steel body and removal plastic lid for longer durability.

3.    Easy to carry the cattle anywhere with cordless connector base.

4.    It can set the desirable temperature through a control knob.



Multi functioning auto cook


2 year of warranty

The cut off feature doesn't work properly

 Dry boil protection

  Auto switch off

Frequently asked questions

Is a stovetop kettle better than electricity?

Electric kettle are more energy efficient than a stovetop usually stovetop took longer time to boil water in comparison to electric kettle perhaps it slightly cheaper using an electric kettle.


Does boiling water in a kettle kill bacteria?

As we know boiling prevents viruses, bacteria and many microorganisms .A kettle usually boils the water before switching itself off and this is very sufficient also.


Is kettle water healthy?

Many sources suggest that boiled water has various health benefits and it helps in digestion, circulation and weight loss to make you feel more active and full of life


So this post is all about finding the best electric kettle for your home that makes it easier all your work and kitchen tasks quickly. Electric kettle plays a very important role in your life so make sure before buying any electric kettle don't forget to look upon the factors and the information which are mentioned above. Hope this information will surely help you.

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