5 Best Hand Blenders in India 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best hand blenders in India

Daily supplement of food is an essential part of your lifestyle. The process of cooking is pretty complicated because cooking is done with doing various processes and steps. Nowadays, every home maker wants a short quick procedure of preparing meals for their family. So, every kitchen maker needs advanced and amazing tools that minimize the process and task of cooking. Indeed a hand blenders is the solution to your problem.

An electronic hand blenders is a very trendy cute electronic appliance that gives many benefits in your kitchen. Hand blenders minimizes your time and energy and gives you amazing responses. A hand blender is also called a stick blender or an immersion blender. It comes in handy size which is easy to use and works as a helping hand in your daily life. It is probably an innovative choice. It gives impressive results by blending the vegetables and other food items. The structure of the hand blenderss is pretty simple and convenient. The motor is situated on the upper side and the bottom side is fitted with a blending blades. Best Hand Blenders in India care for portability and comfort.

Things you can do with hand blenders-

Whipping the cream




     Muffin and cupcake mixture

     Blending the egg and other substitute

And much more..

The one benefit of buying hand blender is that you don't need to look for any other additional utensils because hand blender work along with any kind of utensils and container.

The question arises which hand blenders is the best in the market. Due to the large variety of hand blender brands you cannot determine the right choice but this post brings a solution to all your issues related to the purchasing of Best Hand Blenders in India. If you are looking for a hand blender don't forget to see all this information, features, specifications along with pros and cons this post will help you a lot in order for buying a hand blender for your kitchen. So let's get started.

Top 5 best hand blender in India 2021

Kent hand blender 300 watt

Kent is a very popular Indian brand that produces advanced kitchen tools and appliances for your home. Kent cares for safety and offers advanced features for many years. This Best Hand Blenders in India has emerged with many professional qualities. With the help of this you can do mixing, blending, whipping the food items and maintaining hygiene in a quick time.


1.    It comes with a 300 watt of powerful motor that makes it a powerful task.

2.    Its body is made with food grade plastic

3.    It's turbo function availability minimize your time

4.    It comes with overheating protection



Fast turbo function

Complicated attachments

5 modes of speed

 Outer body is inferior

 Overeating protection

 Decent look

 Easy to clean


Prestige Hand Blender - PHB 6.0

Prestige is best known for producing versatile household appliances. Prestige has been creating a number of home appliances. This Best Hand Blenders in India perfectly blends all the mixture together in a well order. It's body comes in slim design. It's design gives you a perfect grip. To hold it and move it in your way!



1.    It comes with elegant matte finish look

2.    This product covered in a one-year warranty

3.    This blender comes along with additional mixing jar

4.    You have also provided a chopping blade.



 Elegant look

You need to continuously pressing the button

Additional shopping blade

Single touch button

Easy to maintain

Inalsa robot 2.5 PS 250 watt hand blender

This hand blender from Inalsa provides you efficiency to make mouth watering dishes with excellent blending. You can make your favourite smoothies, soups, and South Indian dishes mixture. Inalsa hand blender comes in a sophisticated design with 250 watt of efficiency. This Best Hand Blenders in India is detachable, so you can use it for other multipurpose work in your kitchen.


1.    Inalsa hand blender comes with the detachable plastic stem

2.    Inalsa Best Hand Blenders in India provides shock resistant and hard grip facility

3.    You can use it for beating mixing and whipping

4.    This model covered in a 1 year warranty



Shock resistant

 Absence of beaker

Single push button

 Bad material quality



Philips daily collection HL1655/00 250-Watt hand blender

Philips is always known for providing the best household appliances in India. Philips is the most preferable brand of Indian house makers. This Philips daily collection series Best Hand Blenders in India is highly recommended for daily purpose. Philips hand blender has amazing performance and powerful watt efficiency. Let's look up on its amazing features


1.    It gives 20 minutes continuous blending

2.    Philips hand blender comes with single push button

3.    It comes with 250 watt powerful motor for heavy task

4.    Detachable blades for whisking and whipping

5.    Rust free Steel cord



 Steel cord for safety

Not for heavy usage

 Unique design

 2 years warranty


Easy to clean


Orpat HHB-100E-250 watt Hand Blender

If you are looking for an affordable hand blender with sophisticated performance and quality then Orpat will be a worthy option for you. Let's look upon its features-



1.    It comes with multiple steel blades

2.    This product comes in 1 year of warranty

3.    This hand blender is easy to use and clean

4.    Changeable stainless steel blades



 Comfortable to handle


Stainless steel blades

No availability of jar

 6 speed control

 Safe switch

Frequently asked questions

Can a hand blender chop vegetables?

Yes you can use the Best Hand Blenders in India for shopping purposes. You need a shopping attachment with chopping blades then you will be able to chop vegetables, fruits, nuts and much more according to your size and shape.

Can you use a blender without liquid?

Not much liquid will make the blender lumpy and the blades will not be able to work in a proper manner.

What is the price of a hand blender?

The average price of a hand blender in India is starting from 700 rupee which is probably affordable for Indian households.

Final words

Hand blenders are helping hands for the kitchen. As we know blending, whipping and mixing are the basic activities which are done in the kitchen. These stocks take much time and effort but with the help of hand blenders we can do it in a quick way. Best Hand Blenders in India are an essential household appliance for every home. hope this information will help you for purchasing the best hand blender for your kitchen.

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