Top 5 best electric rice cooker

Top 5 Best Electric Rice Cooker

Preparing rice needs professional skills. Making rice is not an easy task. Indian house makers are really careful about the accurate cooking of rice. Because Indian people love rice. In Indian states, rice is available in different varieties for different rice dishes like basmati rice for biryani,pulav, and brown rice for khichdi,tehri, and many more.

In this advanced world, there is a need for electronic rice appliances. So, rice cookers are essential for making rice and it is helping buddy in your kitchen. Rice cooker was first ever introduced in Japan by Toshiba, a well-known manufacturing company. 

The invention of the electric rice cooker is worthy because it provides efficiency to prepare rice in a quick time with great aroma and while preserving the nutrients of rice. There is a heating material inside the electric rice cooker that heats up the boiling water along with the rice not more than 100⁰C. The rice absorbs all the water and becomes well cooked with balanced moisture. 


     Its working mechanism is pretty simple compared to a microwave oven

     Rice cooked perfectly there is worry about overcooking and raw cooking

     The Modern electric rice cooker has preloaded varieties of rice dishes

     It keeps warm the rice warm for the longer time so it beneficial for working people

     There is the availability of a transparent lid to keep your eye on the process of cooking.


     People get confused determining the perfect size of electric rice cooker

     Some electric rice cooker comes in in heavyweight and take a lot of space in the kitchen

     Some electric rice cookers do not have brown rice cooking functions.

Main factors of electric rice cooker

1- Easy to use control

An electric rice cooker must have user-friendly control like one-touch option and digital panel so it provides the efficiency of easiness and everybody can use the electric rice cooker in an efficient manner.

2- Timer

The biggest advantage of an electric rice cooker as compared to a traditional cooker is a timer. Digital timer performs a very significant role in the accurate cooking process. A timer allows the efficiency of how to cook varieties of dishes in a quick time.

3- Long warm technology

An electric rice cooker must have the function to keep the dishes warm for a longer time. So, you don't need to warm up the dishes repeatedly. Automatic warm technology also maintains the moisture that makes the rice fluffy.

4- Easy maintenance

Easy to clean availability is significant for electric rice cookers. In this busy life, it is necessary that you do not consume much time on the cleanliness of home appliances.

5- Specular and measuring cup

The electric rice cooker comes along with a spatula so you don't need to purchase additional spoons and spatula. The measuring cup gives you the accurate measuring ratio of rice according to your family members. 

6- Preloaded rice dishes

A modern electric rice cooker comes with preloaded varieties of rice dishes that are highly made for Indian homes. You can make your favorite biryani, pulav, khichdi, fried rice, and much more in a restaurant-style.

Indian market is full of many top-rated brands that manufacture premium quality electric rice cookers. A buyer gets confused in making the right choice. But with the help of this post, you can surely purchase a perfect electric rice cooker for your home by examining the features specifications along with the advantages and disadvantages of each product. So,let's get started

Top 5 best electric rice cooker

Panasonic SR-Y18FHS 660-Watt Automatic Electric Cooker

Panasonic is always known for creating the best innovative appliances for homemakers. This electric rice cooker from Panasonic comes with 660 watts of power efficiency. This electric rice cooker changes the style of your regular traditional cooking of rice. Panasonic electric rice cooker is an extremely helpful electric cooker that comes with 4.4 liters of capacity. So, you can prepare your favorite rice dishes in a quick time.


1.    It comes with polycarbonate basket that makes it durable

2.    Provides efficiency of automatic cooking

3.    It's inside Pan is non-stick coated

4.    It keeps your food warms for about 4 hours

5.    It offers two year warranty




No timer

 Polycarbonate material

Cool-touch handles

 Automatic cooking feature

Bajaj Majesty RCX 28 2.8 Liter rice cooker

This  rice cooker from Bajaj Majesty offers you many benefits to cook amazing rice dishes. It is very easy to use and gives you a 2.8 liter of storage capacity which is ideal for Indian families. It's 1000W of power intensity. It is accessible in a major size and easy to work. So, now you don't need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. So,grab it now!


1.    This rice cooker has an additional steamer so you can make steamed meals

2.    It offers two years of warranty

3.    It provides 2.8 litre of capacity

4.    It's working on 1000W of power efficiency



 Quality assured material

Worst service

 Keeps your food warm

Additional steamer

Philips Daily Collection HD3017/57 1.8-Liter 650-Watt Rice Cooker 

A creating and well-known brand Philips presented Philips daily assortment HD3017/57 that gets ready wonderful rice and minimizes your kitchen load instantly. It deals with 3D warming technology procedures and it keeps your food hot for the longest time. This is the best choice for your kitchen. Let's have a look at its features.


1.    It's 3D technology cooks evenly and aromatic rice

2.    It's provides automatic cooking with keep warming facility upto 12 hours

3.    It comes with 1 touch control button for easiness

4.    It offers water level indicator

5.    It offers 2 years of warranty



3D technology

 Slow cooking

Long-lasting warming

One-touch control

Prestige Delight electric rice cooker

The prestige brand itself indicates a delightful facility for your home. Prestige delight electric cooker offers a number of efficiency and delightful features. This rice cooker arrives in a pleasure plan with astounding controls and gives versatile cooking. Its storage capacity is about 1.8 liter and best for little families.


1.    You have provided 1 litre of capacity which is ideal for bachelors and small families.

2.    Its power cord is detachable so there is the facility of portability

3.    Stay-cool handles

4.    You can enable the keep warm mode

5.    There is an additional cooking Pan.



 Additional cooking Pan

Sticky bottom

Detachable cord

 Cute design

  Easy to use

Borosil BRC18LDSS11 1.8-Liters Electric Rice Cooker and Steamer

A Borosil brand that is known for manufacturing quality products with impressive looks and design. It offers you a 1.8-liter limit and runs in 650 watts of power usage with two segments. It is highly recommended for little families.


1.    It comes with a nonstick inner pot

2.    It works on 650 watt of power efficiency

3.    It offers automatic cooking with 4 programmed settings for different dishes

4.    There is a digital panel view

5.    This product covered in a 1 year warranty



Easy to maintain


Non stick inner pot


Stylish design

Maintain nutrition of rice

Frequently asked questions

1- Is an electric rice cooker good for health?

Undoubtedly, electric rice cookers are healthier than regular cookers. It maintains all the nutrition of food like carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and proteins and prevents bacteria and fungus.

2- How much does a rice cooker cost?

In Indian market electric rice cooker start from 1900 to 6000 INR, A pretty affordable price for Indian people. 

3- Can I steam potatoes in my rice cooker?

Yes there are some electric rice cookers that have steaming baskets that allow you to steam various dishes while cooking food in other sections.


There is no doubt that Indian electric rice cooker appliances have promised many benefits and impressed the customer with advanced features. If you are going to buy an electric rice cooker don't forget to look up these features, specifications, and all various factors. Hope this information will help you.

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